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Who We Are

As a women-owned business formed and headquartered in Michigan over three-decades ago, Energy Design Service Systems (EDSS) has become a Read More

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EDSS specializes in energy efficiency solutions for a full range of commercial environments. In fact, we can deliver savings for Read More

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Take a look at how we have succeeded in the past Read More

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See how EDSS gives back with Community Service and Charitable Contributions Read More

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EDSS Career Opportunities Read More
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  • How EDSS can Save for You

    At EDSS, we offer the most well-constructed, long-lived and beautiful lighting products available anywhere. Unlike other providers who are locked into a single manufacturer for all their items, we have relationships with a broad range of lighting systems developers, so we can offer you more choices and better prices than almost anyone in the industry. Better still, we custom design products to address unique lighting challenges. All of which means that we can create genuinely innovative, imaginative lighting solutions based entirely on your particular needs and vision. Read More
  • EDSS Services

    How EDSS Generates Savings for You!EDSS specializes in energy efficiency solutions for a full range of commercial environments. In fact, we can deliver savings for virtually every square foot you operate under lighting or HVAC systems, including interiors, parking structures, service buildings more. Read More
  • About EDSS

    As a women-owned business formed and headquartered in Michigan over three-decades ago, Energy Design Service Systems (EDSS) has become a national authority on commercial energy efficiency. Under the direction of David Ely, EDSS has flourished from a lighting designer into a company on the forefront of energy efficient and renewable energy building applications, and incentives. Read More
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About EDSS

As a women-owned business formed and headquartered in Michigan over three-decades ago, Energy Design Service Systems (EDSS) has become a national authority on commercial energy efficiency. Under the direction of David Ely, EDSS has flourished from a lighting designer into a company on the forefront of energy efficient and renewable energy building applications, and incentives.

Although small in size, has had a three-year sales growth of 380%. Adding several full time careers, EDSS has expanded their diverse workforce of engineers, lighting designers, architects, grant writers and consultants significantly over the past two years, and has landed #820 overall and #24 in Energy on INC. Magazine’s list of the Fastest Growing 500|5000 Companies.

Recently nominated for Michigan’s 50 Companies to Watch, EDSS serves a broad-range of industries throughout the United States including academic institutions, arenas, restaurants, factories, retail stores and other large and small businesses alike.  By working across markets, EDSS has the advantage of working throughout the United States to assist an array of commercial and residential building projects.

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  • image Fox Business News, CNBC - EDSS was featured on 21st Century Business's energy television series, Energy Efficiency Solutions for Commercial Environments. Read More

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  • image EDSS partnered with Gap to increase their return on investment through Utility Rebates, read more on their results. Read More

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  • image As a leading expert in commercial energy efficiency, EDSS offers a case study from a Hotel in Pennsylvania and some advice for Hotel owners in Hotel Executive's Hotel Business Review. Read More

    Hotel Business Review (2014)

  • image EDSS teaches the benefits of Incentives for Architects and their clients.

    Ely, David (EDSS). "Incentives for Architects; Money for Clients." Licensed Architect Spring 2013 (Volume 17, No.1). Association of Liscensed Architects. 29-31. Print.

    Read More

    Licensed Architect

  • image Featured in American Builder's Quarterly, EDSS shows how incentives can build on a good lighting design. Read More

    American Builders Quarterly (2013)

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Recent News

EDSS Lighting Blog

Learn about smart lighting design and energy sustainability from national experts.
  • Cutting Carbon: Track, Analyze, Reduce

    The Climate Accord signed in Paris last month has been hailed as a turning point in the world’s attitude towards climate change, as 195 countries reached a landmark agreement that commits nearly every country to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The Paris Climate Accord aims to stop global temperatures from increasing by more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and it sets an aspirational target of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, which represents a big win for the nations that are the most vulnerable to the rising sea levels and unpredictable weather patterns caused by

  • But what about that Warm Glow?: LEDs and the Problem of Color

    LEDs have improved dramatically since they were introduced to the general lighting market, especially when it comes to color temperature and color rendering.

  • Ladies in Leadership: Women-Owned Businesses in Michigan and Beyond

    When Congress established the Small Business Administration back in 1953, they did so to support the modestly-sized companies that play a crucial role in the American economy. Congress gave the SBA a special imperative to support these small businesses and, in particular, to foster those run by women and other disadvantaged groups. Congress realized that though women-owned businesses had become a major part of the American economy, “women, as a group, are subjected to discrimination in entrepreneurial endeavors due to their gender,” which made it hard to raise and securing capital or capturing market opportunities (Small Business Act of 1953 Section 2.H.C). We’re a woman-owned business here at EDSS, where women make crucial company decisions. Dawn Ely, our co-founder and owner, has guided our company’s development since our founding in 2007, and Sonja Berry, our COO, pilots the day to day operations alongside our CEO David Ely. Women even run three of EDSS’s five departments.

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